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Monday, March 9, 2009

On my way to the Masters in my NEW car...

The Master Knitting Program that is. (I know. You can say it...I am a geek.) I got my instructions on Friday. I read them through once and almost had a panic attack. But then, I broke them down into swatches, questions and such and I realized, it wasn’t as overwhelming as I first thought. I was going to cast on for the swatches this weekend but (1) I wanted to finish the City Mouse and (2) I just couldn’t seem to find the energy.

As the title says, my NEW car. It is a 2001 Blue Nissan Sentra. I was a little worried when the salesman told me the year but then I looked and saw that it only has 64,000 miles and the interior looks brand spanking new. Mom, Princess Ivi and even my brother deduced that it must have been owned by an old person and I have to admit it has a bit of an old person smell, a bit like moth balls and some stale cleaner. But that is okay, I bought a three pack of lime-vanilla Yankee Candle air fresheners, threw one in the trunk and one in the back window and all is well. All in all, I am really pleased with the car and the cost. I will take some pictures and post them here soon.

Speaking of moth balls, Mom found a snake in the chicken coop and almost keeled over with fright. She had my brother Dan remove it for her. It was some sort of non-venomous snake that was about 4 feet long. Can we say ick? Anyway, as a way to combat the snakes in the chicken coop, bugs in the house and storage shed, and rats in the bird houses, I bought 4 boxes of moth balls. Mom then proceeded to throw a handful (or two) under the porch, sprinkle some around the chicken house, throw some under the shed, and she will put them in the bird house tomorrow. Hopefully they work and keep the pests away.

Mom and I were discussing the fact that Barbie is turning 50. Here is our conversation:

Me: Barbie is 50? Wow.
Mom: She is looking pretty good for 50 but it is clear she has had some work done.
Me: Yeah, she's all plastic.

See, as Princess Ivi says, geekiness is genetic and it abounds in our family.

Well, my lunch hour has flown by so I will say adieu for now.


Sara said...

Congrats on the new car...

I have thought about the Master Knitting Program...but, I haven't done anything about it.

Tell me about it...

SingleMomKnits said...


Level 1 of the Master Hand Knitting program consists of knitting 15 swatches in different stitches including ribbing, cable, increases and decreases, a report on blocking and care of knits, a page of 17 questions to research and answer, a project (my instructions are for a hat), and we have to write a simple pattern.

Like I said, when listed like this, it all seems so overwhelming. But broken down, it is not too bad. The first swatch is ribbing and you use it to answer the first few questions.

The levels become more challenging as you progress.

Level 2 consists of 21 knitting samples, 19 questions to research and answer, 1 traditional argyle sock, 1 Fair Isle mitten, 1 vest, 4 book reviews, and 2-page report on the history of knitting.

Level 3 consists of 18 knitting samples, 12 questions to research and answer, self-designed and knit: either an Aran sweater that uses at least three patterns (including cables and bobbles) or a Fair Isle/Scandinavian sweater with at least three colors or a nontraditional advanced design (subject to committee approval), Self-designed and knit: hat or cap made with a technique not used in the sweater, 2 book reviews and 2 knitting magazine reviews, report on six fibers used in knitting, and report on Aran and Fair Isle traditions.

If you decide to do the program, you get access to some online resources at The Knitting Guild's website.

Hope this information is helpful.


Kim said...

Congrats on your new car! We just got a new Sentra in January (my husband works for Nissan), and I love it.

Does Dan live in FL also? I haven't seen him in years! Is he married? Children?

SingleMomKnits said...


I love my Sentra too. It is a great little car.

Dan is in Florida. He lives in Jacksonville. He is married and they have three kids; Emily who is 14, William who is 10 and Jake who will be 7 on Saturday. He is doing good but since he works in construction and it has been hit so badly by the economic problems, he may be moving to Ohio when the kids get out of school. He has some good job leads up there.

My mom lives down here (obviously) and my sister and her family still live in Massachusetts (in Fitchbburg).

How are your mom and dad?