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Monday, October 26, 2009

Okay, I am beginning to get the message...

Lately, I have been asking myself where it is that I belong. I have been going back and forth about moving back to Massachusetts or staying in Florida. Last week, someone from my past came back into my life and he reminded me that I deserve the best in life and not to just settle for anything. I needed that reminder. This morning, I was reading The Wednesday Chef's blog and read this....

"You, and only you, determine your own fate. You only get one chance at this life. Do something with your life; open your heart to risk. At some point, enough is enough and you must take the biggest leap you can and live it."

and this

"Once or maybe twice in life, when you get the chance for change, real change, you've got to do a whole lot more than just one thing. You've got to look deep inside your own soul and follow where it wants to go. You've got to listen, really listen, in order to hear what the universe is trying to tell you. And move mountains, then, when you finally know what you want."

Universe, God or whoever, I am getting the hint...

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Ten on Tuesday

10 Guilty Pleasures

1. Starbucks Venti White Chocolate Mocha
2. Trashy Romance Novels
3. Key Lime Pie
4. Cheesecake
5. Alpaca
6. Mohair
7. The occasional homicidal, road-rage thought
8. Speeding with the windows rolled down and the radio blasting
9. Referring to certain plaintiffs' attorneys as idiots and other lovely names
10. Hating working in the legal system

Think this will work...

Friday, October 16, 2009

Dear Mr. Bicyclist (A Note about Nasal Hygiene)

Dear Mr. Bicyclist,

You don't know me but I was one of the billion or so cars that drove by you today. While I understand the need to blow one's nose, I did want to point out that it is rather disgusting to be riding along on your bike, turn your head, place the pointer finger against your nose and blow your booger into oncoming traffic. I found it very gross and I feel very sorry for the person whose windshield your booger landed on (and exceedingly grateful that it wasn't mine).

However, in the future, when you are preparing to blow your nose the same way again, please make sure my blue Nissan Sentra is not nearby.


Finished Object and Observations

Princess Ivi's tube scarf is finished. Here is a pic.

I am pleased with it. I closed up both ends so that none of the loops catch on anything. Made with one skein Dark Horse Fantasy and the blue knifty knitter.

This morning while feeling blue I saw this rainbow so maybe it is Mother Nature's way of telling me to cheer up.

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am still alive....

I drive by this house everyday on the way to and from work. Well, yesterday I noticed that they are putting up their Christmas decorations. Ummm, I don’t understand. We aren’t even at Halloween yet and it isn’t as if it is going to slow (since we are in Florida) and they have to get them put up before then. Strange. I am wondering when they will turn on the lights.

I read about the National Bone Marrow Registry this morning on Joy The Baker’s Blog . It sounds so cool. I went to the website and unfortunately I am disqualified from joining because I had a broken pelvis. But I do want to spread the word so go take a look and see if you qualify to register.

Princess Ivi is making plans for her 14th birthday which is in February. She wants her dad to come down and the three of us to do something fun. She had suggested Sea World which we all thought was a good choice but then this past weekend she learned that her father has never been to Disney World and in her eyes the fact that a 34 year old has never been to “the greatest place on Earth” was a crime. She has since announced that we should go to Disney World for her birthday so she can be the one to show Disney to her dad. I thought it was sweet.

Regarding knitting, I have been working on a tube scarf made on the blue Knifty Knitter for Princess Ivi. It is made with one skein of purple variegated Dark Horse Fantasy. It looks great and has a really nice pattern to it. I am thinking I can get away with one skein and use a little bit of the second skein for fringe to prevent it from rolling in on itself.

I am also still plugging away on the Knit 1 wristers but I seem to get bored easily with projects that I have to make more than one of to complete. This was evidences by the fact that when I went through my yarn and UFOs, I found one completed sock with the second one cast on just hanging out on the needles feeling neglected. I found a total of 7 UFOs and I am pretty sure I have more in my closet. But I did update my stash list on Ravelry and I am hoping to make some decisions on the UFOs soon.

Good News!!!

Tutti Frutti the owl was rescued and is waiting on us at the Best Western in Richmond Hill. We will be picking him up next weekend (the 24th) and then he will get a quick bath and return to his nest in Princess Ivi's room.

Monday, October 5, 2009

RIP Tutti Frutti

It is a sad, sad day in our house.

This is Tutti Frutti.

Tutti Frutti took a trip to Savannah with me and Princess Ivi when we went to see her dad. Well, he had a good weekend but when we packed up to check out, poor Tutti Frutti was left behind. Of course, when we went to get him, housekeeping had thrown him away because they thought he wasn’t wanted.

Princess Ivi was haunted by Tutti Frutti’s memory the whole drive home (when we passed the hooters sign, when the B on the bowl sign wasn't working, etc.) I have promised to make an “exact” replica of Tutti Frutti this week. (A friend on Ravelry suggested he be call "Two-ti Frutti".)

He was a good owl although he was too fat to fly.

Or as Princess Ivi says, he wasn’t fat he was fluffy and he wasn’t short, he was fun sized.

Friday, October 2, 2009

Like sands through the hourglass, these are the days of our lives...

I was talking to an old high school classmate and after I described my life to her and her reaction was "wow", I realized that my life is truly like a soap opera hence, the title.

On Saturday, I am taking Princess Ivi to Savannah, Georgia to see her father whom she hasn’t seen since she was sixteen (16) months old. I figure this weekend should be traumatic, different, strange and difficult. The two of them have a lot of garbage to wade through to get to the pretty stuff.

I am nervous. I haven’t seen him in 12 years since he squashed my heart like a bug. I realized that life has been good for me without him because I could easily put all of the feelings I had about him and our failed marriage into a storage box and tuck it away in the dark recesses of my brain without having to deal with it. With him back in my life (even in the periphery), I have to now figure out how to deal with the stuff in that storage box. Blech!

Adding to the weirdness of those unresolved feelings is the fact that for the last 12 years I have been so angry with him for walking away from Princess Ivi. (He now knows he was wrong but he confessed that he tried looking for us a few years after he left but was unable to find us because we had moved. Before the move, I had tried in vain to reach him, leaving messages with his family, but never heard from him so I assumed he just didn’t care.)

Of course, life has not been great for Princess Ivi without her dad so I will find a way to deal with everything.

Since I am sure my stress level will hit its tippity-top level this weekend, I am planning a trip to Wild Fibre in Savannah. I figure when my ex-husband drives me crazy, I will go fondle some yarn rather than wrapping my fingers around his throat and squeezing until his head pops off.

I am also going to bring some knitting with me to de-stress at the hotel. I am currently working on the Knit 1 wristers. They are interesting. I have never done cables before but they sure are a lot easier than they look. Go figure. I have 4 rows to do and then I will cast on for the other one.
I am also going to bring the Red Heart Fiesta that Pat and Barry gave me for Christmas last year and work on a scarf for Pat for Christmas.

Oh and my sister’s Christmas present is all knitted up and my mom has done an amazing job stitching it all together. Mom, you rock!!