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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Done with class....

I have finished my H&R Block Tax Course with a 90. I am pleased. I wish I had gotten a bit higher but that is okay.

Now I think I can really get cracking on the packing (I rhymed...LOL). My thought is to section off a piece of the living room that equals the dimensions of the moving truck and stack everything that way. Then I will know that it will all fit in the moving truck.

My car is working again. I am so glad. It was getting very difficult to keep bumming rides off of everyone.

I just finished up Lion Brand's Decorated Christmas Stocking. I am please with how it turned out. I was looking at my Ravelry page and I actually completed a lot of projects this year. I guess I wasn't as much of a slacker as I thought I was.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Two more weeks!!! AHHHH!!

The packing for the move is coming along. It is hard to pack when you work full-time, go to school three nights a week, and are generally exhausted most of the time. But it is slowly coming along. Since I only have 14 days left, I really need to push myself to get a lot done this weekend.

It is also hard to pack because it looks like we will be staying with my mom for a few weeks and I need to make sure we all can access anything we might need for those weeks. So packing also consists of sorting and labeling boxes.

But the good news is that Ryan and I both have jobs already. I am going back to a law office I worked in about 5 years ago (in Gainesville) and Ryan is going to work for an AC/Refrigeration company. It is great that we have them with no interviews and stuff.

I am really dreading driving the moving truck down there. It seems to take forever when you are driving the truck and pulling a tow dolly.

I am getting excited though because I miss my mom terribly. I also found out that in addition to Yarnworks which has been in Gainesville for a long time, there is also a new yarn shop: Hanks Yarn and Fiber. This is a good news/bad news kind of thing. Good news because it is a yarn shop. Bad news because it is right down the street from my office and I have an hour for lunch. I could spend a lot of money in a yarn shop in an hour. But hey, with both of us working, I will have spending money again. Just in time for Christmas too. (Hanks has a website and a Ravelry group

Well, I am busy at work trying to wrap up as many cases as I can before I leave.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008


First, I need to say sorry for disappearing so often. My life is so hectic lately and every time I post it is this huge thing that covers months and months.

My most important news is that we have decided to move to Florida. We are moving the beginning of November before winter really hits in Massachusetts.

Why Florida? Because my mom is there, his mom and brother’s family are there and for a man who is an AC/Refrigeration Tech, work is there (almost year round). I have been searching for jobs around the area we are moving to and will spend some time this afternoon working on a few applications/resumes to send out.

I am dreading moving because I hate to pack. I keep looking at all my belongings and wondering if I should just leave them for the next inhabitant of this apartment and start over completely. Of course, I would have to keep my yarn stash.

Princess Ivi is okay about the move but I am sure there is drama to come. It is hard moving when you are 12. I have tried to explain that it is harder to move when she is older but I am not sure if I won that argument or not.

Let’s see, I finished the baby hat, booties and mittens for the baby shower in the previous post but I didn’t give the mittens because they came out too small.

We found out that Ryan’s best friend, Rik and his girlfriend are having a baby boy. So I finished the easiest baby blanket for them and I whipped up a hat too.

I have been slowly plugging away on the shawl. I want to give it to my mother-in-law for Christmas but I am not sure how that will work. It is very boring.