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Wednesday, October 14, 2009

I am still alive....

I drive by this house everyday on the way to and from work. Well, yesterday I noticed that they are putting up their Christmas decorations. Ummm, I don’t understand. We aren’t even at Halloween yet and it isn’t as if it is going to slow (since we are in Florida) and they have to get them put up before then. Strange. I am wondering when they will turn on the lights.

I read about the National Bone Marrow Registry this morning on Joy The Baker’s Blog . It sounds so cool. I went to the website and unfortunately I am disqualified from joining because I had a broken pelvis. But I do want to spread the word so go take a look and see if you qualify to register.

Princess Ivi is making plans for her 14th birthday which is in February. She wants her dad to come down and the three of us to do something fun. She had suggested Sea World which we all thought was a good choice but then this past weekend she learned that her father has never been to Disney World and in her eyes the fact that a 34 year old has never been to “the greatest place on Earth” was a crime. She has since announced that we should go to Disney World for her birthday so she can be the one to show Disney to her dad. I thought it was sweet.

Regarding knitting, I have been working on a tube scarf made on the blue Knifty Knitter for Princess Ivi. It is made with one skein of purple variegated Dark Horse Fantasy. It looks great and has a really nice pattern to it. I am thinking I can get away with one skein and use a little bit of the second skein for fringe to prevent it from rolling in on itself.

I am also still plugging away on the Knit 1 wristers but I seem to get bored easily with projects that I have to make more than one of to complete. This was evidences by the fact that when I went through my yarn and UFOs, I found one completed sock with the second one cast on just hanging out on the needles feeling neglected. I found a total of 7 UFOs and I am pretty sure I have more in my closet. But I did update my stash list on Ravelry and I am hoping to make some decisions on the UFOs soon.

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