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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Office Drama and knitting

I have to say that I am truly amazed at the audacity of some people. Here is the skinny....on Monday I got to work and my coworker said "if anyone calls today for my daughter can you just take a message so I can call her cell phone". Now I am thinking, this woman is a mom so maybe it is a doctor or something that needs to be able to reach her so not a big deal, right? Wrong. The damn phone rang every hour for her daughter and then the last call of the day the guy told me that he was calling from "Direct Financing" then my coworker casually said that her daughter had applied for a loan and used this number as her contact number. Whoa! That put a whole new spin on things.

Then yesterday, the phone rang and it was a woman wanting to verify her daughter’s employment with us. Now hold on a minute...I am not lying for her daughter (or for anyone else for that matter). So I gave the first call to her and she said that she would have to have the HR person call her back. No attempt to set the record straight. I wound up getting another call yesterday and when my coworker still did nothing, I told the boss. The way I see it is that if someone from this office lies and says that this girl works here so she can get a loan, then we are involved in the fraud. (I am pretty sure that she has already found a way to fudge her mother’s pay stubs so it looks like they are hers.) I have no idea what the boss is going to do but I mean, come on. We work in a law firm for heaven’s sake. Show some ethical behavior.

Nothing else is really happening in my life right now. Just working and knitting.

I am knitting the Ilene Market Bag which is okay but the cotton hurts my hands and makes my arthritis act up if I work on it too long. So lately I have been working on it for at least two rows of the pattern and then moving to something gentler. This is a Christmas present so I have some time.

The gentler is the Easiest Baby Blanket that I am knitting in a pretty purple shade for my friend Melissa’s baby girl that is due the beginning of August. It is moving along quickly and I feel good about the progress so far.

I have also been gathering items for the two swaps that I am in...the Envelope Swap and Swap on a Budget (both from Ravelry).

I have also been reading blogs. Has anyone else noticed how many people have titled posts "In like a lion"? I have now come to hate that line.

One interesting thing that happened was that I filled my gas tank and then calculated and figured out that I get about 33 miles to the gallon which is very nice.

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Knit Witch said...

OMG!!! What is wrong with people?!?! Great stuff to teach your kids, right? Way to go super parent. Sheeesh.