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Wednesday, March 11, 2009

My date with a cutie pie

I have been spending the last few evenings after work with a super cutie. A little dog. She is some sort of chihuahua. She does not yet have a name. She was rescued with three other dogs after my mom's boss saw them in the woods. Unfortunately, animal control was already on the scene and they wouldn't let her take them without her first having to go through all of the red tape. But they are home now. When they first came to us, two were pregnant and the vet said the puppies were so big that they would kill the mothers. Given the fact that they had been living in the woods for who-knows how long, we decided it was best for the dogs to not have the puppies. There are two white ones, a brindle, and a little brown one.

Princess Ivi spends her evenings with the littlest white one and I spend my evenings with the little brown one. They have now started eating in our presence which is a vast improvement. We are having better luck with the little white one as she will actually let you pet her but the brown one won't even come an arm's length away. But I am hopeful that her curiosity will soon outweigh her fear. She almost came to me last night. The boy who helps out came up and just the sound of his voice scared her. She started to run to me and got less than an arm's length away and changed her mind. Apparently, I was the lesser of two evils but she couldn't quite get over her fear.

I think by the weekend that she may let me pet her. I hope so.

When she is not so scared, I will snag a picture and post it.

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