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Monday, March 2, 2009

If your kilt isn't plaid, it is just a skirt....or what we did over the weekend

On Saturday, Princess Ivi, Mom and I went to the NE Florida Scottish Games in Green Cove Springs.

We heard some bagpipes (unfortunately, I don't have a picture of any of the pipers).
We ate some Scottish food (although, we skipped the haggis) but I guess Princess Ivi’s french fries don’t really count as Scottish food. She wasn’t feeling brave enough to try anything else

We saw some fuzzy cows. These are Highland Cows. Mom and I noted that you could spin this but we wondered what it would feel like....hmmm. Do I see an experiment in the near future?

We saw a double-decker bus and debated about whether or not it would qualify as the "night bus". We decided that it didn't look the part.

We also watched the caber toss....For those non-Scottish folk, the caber toss is a traditional Scottish athletic event involving tossing a larege wooden pole (called a caber). I always think of it like a telephone pole. The goal is to pick it up and flip it so that it lands pointing exactly at the thrower. The scoring to me is rather complex regarding angles and stuff.

Unfortunately, we arrived too late to see the other athletic events like the stone put, the Scottish hammer throw and the sheaf toss. but it was still very enjoyable. (For more info on these events, check out wikipedia's page regarding the Scottish Games...
I spent the day drooling over things like this....and deciding that a man in a kilt is a nice thing to see. (Well, some of them.)

We also decided that someone should tell the guy in the last picture on the far right that if your kilt isn't plaid, then it is just a skirt.

We enjoyed the 80 degree weather and even got a little bit pink from the sun.
We woke up Sunday to a high of only 50. Since it was so cold and I had finished the laundry on Saturday, I spent the day working on the feather and fan shawl.

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