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Monday, April 27, 2009

Weekend Report

This weekend was fairly quiet.

On Friday, I came home to find my Knitter’s Treasure Swap package had arrived. It was very exciting. It contained the following:
  • Three skeins of yummy yarn
  • One big skein of Kool-Aid dye yarn
  • Homemade stitch markers
  • A sheep shaped bar of soap (which coincidentally, I sent the same one to her)
  • A notepad
  • A measuring tape
  • Some Starburst
  • 24 Hour Knitting project book
  • Tea
  • A handmade quilted project bag
This list is from the top of my head and I may have overlooked something. I am going to post pictures tomorrow since I forgot my camera today. Thanks goes to SwknitsMN.

Later that night, we watched Order of the Phoenix which wrapped up our Harry Potter marathon. I also worked on my sister’s Christmas present which was a bit of a disaster. I worked the first part of the pattern and got about 20 rows in when I was supposed to change colors and realized I had done it backwards. I knit brown where it was supposed to be white but I fixed it.

The screw up on this project just confirmed that I am a spaz sometimes when it comes to knitting. Take for example, the Easiest Baby Blanket for Melissa's baby. This blanket is worked with one strand of Caron Simply Soft in pastel variegated and one strand of Bernat Baby in purple. I was plugging away on it and got to where I had about a foot of the Simply Soft left and realized that I forgot about the border on the edge. It is supposed to have 8 rows of garter stitch but I don't have any more Simply Soft left. Well, no problem right? I'll just unknit it and put the edge on. Well, apparently I did not go back enough so it didn't work right. Instead it reversed the stockinette pattern on the wrong side. So unknit again, drop a stitch, pick it up before the whole thing gets ruined, and try again. Repeat same mistake. Finally, say "to hell with it" and put it down before I kill someone and move onto another project for the time being. (Interestingly, when I went through my scrap yarn for the new project, I came across another small scrap ball of Simply Soft which means I can continue making the Easiest Baby Blanket in the correct size.)

On Saturday, Princess Ivi and I got up and gave Nyx a bath after we picked a tick off of her. She was very good for her bath. She really liked being scrubbed. Then we took her to the flea market. This woman was there with upholstery fabric for $2 a yard. I found some really nice fabric to re-upholster a couch mom has for me. (We won’t do it until just before we are ready to move out.) The fabric is cream with turquoise, yellow and green wavy lines. I like it and at $2 a yard, you can’t beat it.

We also picked Nyx up a bag. She is so small and she is still skittish around people that we needed something so we didn’t have to carry her all the time. She liked the bag once she realized that we were still there beside her.

When we got home, I made chicken tenders with honey-chipotle barbecue sauce, fries and salad. (This is the dish Princess Ivi orders every time we go to Applebee’s and it was really easy to recreate.)

We watched...ummm....something while I worked on Marci’s gift and then I talked to her until the wee hours of the morning.

On Sunday, we went to Michael’s. I picked up some clearance wrapping paper with cute elephant’s on it and a few goodies for my envelope swap partner. Then we went to Red Lobster for my birthday dinner. It was tasty. Princess Ivi gave me a beautiful necklace she beaded herself and a little statue she painted. (The statue is one my mom made). I will post pics tomorrow.

After we got home, I did laundry, knitted, watched Last Cake Standing and went to bed.

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