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Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Weekend Catchup

So, I feel like such a slacker. I haven’t posted in a while but I have been so busy at work that I haven’t had time to blog. Imagine that? That is the trouble with only having a computer at work and not at home.

So here is my wrap up for the weekend....

After getting off of work, I headed home and sat through Twilight with Princess Ivi. It has some cute lines in it but I don’t like Kristen Stewart. I felt like she had no personality and she really isn’t a good actor. It was hard for me to forget about Cedric when seeing Robert Pattinson but I did it and it was funny to see Princess Ivi get all worked up about her favorite characters (Edward, Emmett, Jacob, notice a theme going). While watching the movie, I worked on a secret project for the Swaps on a Budget Ravelry swap.

Oh, I was also surprised by my mom’s boss who picked me up a knitting bag filled with yarn, crochet hooks, circular needles, stitch holders and stuff. She found it at a yard sale and the yarn is good quality (4 whole skeins) and nothing stinks which is good.

Princess Ivi and I spent the day together. First, we cashed my paycheck and paid my car payment. Once the business stuff was done, we went to CVS and loaded up on Twizzlers, gummy worms and Andes mints (don’t ask) and headed to the movie theater to see Fast and Furious. This movie was surprisingly good. I was worried it would be a stinker after the second and third doses of Fast and Furious but I think this worked because it had the same original people in it. And of course, the hot cars that were worth drooling over. My one complaint, neither Vin Diesel or Paul Walker took their shirts off. Pooh!

After the movie, we headed to Wallyworld for groceries and Key Lime Pie. Dinner consisted of bratwurst and salad. Dessert was Key Lime Pie for me and Chocolate Silk for Princess Ivi. I love Edwards frozen pies.

We watched Lifetime Movie Channel’s Nora Roberts’ Collection, High Noon. This was much better than the last movie because these people could act. It had the girl who plays Claire from Lost and the guy who used to be on Jack and Jill (on the CW).

Then, of course, I talked to my sister until about 1:30 a.m. which is what I do every Saturday. This Saturday was spent doing crossword puzzles. I know, we are a strange family but when your best friend lives 1200 miles away, you find ways to do the things you enjoy together. It helps that we both have Go Phones so it is free for us to call each other. (Well, we get charged the $1.00 per day usage fee but the minutes are free which is a good thing too since we are on the phone for about 2 hours every Saturday.)

On Sunday, Princess Ivi and I headed to Gainesville. But first we had to go to Beall’s and pick up a purse like mine for Mom. Her’s is black. Mine is pink so we can tell the difference. I also bought a really cute purple bag that I am going to use for my knitting bag when I go to the SnB meetings.

When we walked out of the store, all we could smell was yummy Chinese food so we hopped in for an egg roll each. It was cute to see the boy (probably 14 or 15 years old) staring at Princess Ivi.

Then, we went to Joann’s for the Customer Appreciation sale. We bought some goodies for my swap partner in the Knitter’s Treasure Swap on Ravelry as well as some beading supplies, a quilt kit for my friend’s baby, some ribbon for Princess Ivi and some thread for mom.

After Joann’s, we stopped in at Hank’s Yarn and Fiber to stroll through. I did good and I didn’t buy any yarn but I did pick up something for my swap partner.

Then we had to run to Michael’s to find a frame. No luck but Princess Ivi found the Twilight poster that she had been looking or and I found some items with sheep on them and I couldn’t resist.

On our way home, I was struck again with how attractive Princess Ivi was when a young man on a motorcycle almost crashed into a truck and toppled over because he was too busy staring at her. My baby is growing up.

Once home, we had dinner of seafood salad subs. Then, it was laundry and getting ready for the week.

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