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Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Short Rows

Today is the strangest day. It is 71 degrees here in New England in early January. And my mom told me the other day that it was snowing in Daytona. Crazy Mother Nature.

So I kept seeing patterns that called for short rows, well, no matter how much I liked the item, I was petrified of doing short rows, (although I must confess I never knew what a short row was, they just sounded hard).

Well, I started my Campfire Socks and I am now ready to turn the heel. I was reading the directions and they describe what a short row was and I realized I have already done short rows. They were in the stocking pattern and they were in these really cute animal finger puppets I have been working on. Now I feel like a dope for stressing so much about something I have been doing.

My socks are going well. I had a spaz attack and read the directions wrong so instead of knitting the last 2 rounds 8 times, I knit all three rounds but noticed my error after the 2nd time. Duh, that would explain why it said repeat 2 for 8 rows plus the first three to have 19 rows.

Princess Ivi and I saw National Treasure 2. I love Nicolas Cage. What a hottie! Anyway, the movie was good and I have a request for the DVD and the original DVD for our collection.

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