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Monday, January 28, 2013

Challenges of Homeschooling Teenagers

Princess Ivi is now 16.  (She will turn 17 next month.)  She is a junior in high school and she attend Florida Virtual School Full Time.  She is doing really well in this program. 

One big drawback to this program though is that there is no prom.  She has been browsing prom dresses a lot lately and I know that she really would like to go.  I know that there are some areas that offer proms for home school students and I found a list of organizations in Florida and I am going to email them.  If we can’t do something this year, at least she has her senior year next year.

The other big drawback is that there is no dual enrollment right now.  So for next year, there are a lot of steps necessary for her (and me) to complete so she will be able to dual enroll at the local community college.

She is preparing for her SATs right now too which is kind of a bummer but a necessary one.   

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