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Thursday, October 28, 2010

One More Day Closer to Friday

Princess Ivi is a great kid.  I have her picture posted on my wall at my new job.  It is attached to a slip of paper that says the following:

Promise Me You'll Always Remember:
You are Braver Than You Believe,
And Stronger Than You Seem,
And Smarter Than You Think.

This little note is a perfect example of how she can always say the best things to people and they get cheered up, motivated, etc.  Of course, the first time she gave me this note it said "Stranger Than You Seem."  She changed it because it is displayed at work but hey, stranger fits me too.  

Before lunch, I read an article from the National Psoriasis Foundation that said that women with psoriasis have a 62% chance of being diagnosed with diabetes.  Yikes.  Since I have had psoriasis since I was 13 and there is diabetes in my family history, it kind of makes me nervous.  I am so bad about taking care of myself.  Yesterday, for example, I did not drink anything except coffee until 7:30 p.m.  Umm,  that is not good.  I went to Big Lots for lunch and I bought the best Rubbermaid water bottle that I can keep at my desk so I can drink more water.  It is a 20 ounce bottle and it doesn't taste like plastic.  I also want to really get my act together and start moving a little bit more.  Although, I have to do a lot of walking at work, I know it is not enough.  

I just visited the Operation Christmas Child website and got the drop-off dates and the location.  We will definitely be putting some of these together this year and you should consider it too.  Princess Ivi and I don't have much but we know that we do have more than others so we try to do what we can.  The shoeboxes are a good idea because they don't cost much to fill and since we usually donate to the age group that Princess Ivi is, she gets to choose what she wants to go in the boxes based on what she likes.

I actually saw a sign for Christmas Trees on the way to work this morning.  It is hard to think about Christmas when it is 90 degrees today.  But it supposed to be 75 tomorrow which will be nice.  Princess Ivi has no school so she is going to hang at home until late in the afternoon and then my mom is going to take her to the main library which is huge and has a great selection of books.  Then I will pick her up when I get off work and we are going to the mall.  The mall is torture for me.  But we are running over there to get a new costume for Princess Ivi.  She is going to be Alice from Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland.  She will look adorable.  

I have been knitting away on Princess Ivi's Clasica Coat.  I am slogging away on the back.  I have no idea if it is correct because I can't see the pattern in the magazine (one of the drawbacks of having such bad vision) but we think it still looks nice.   

Clasica Coat

Marquise Guantlets
I also started on the Marquise Gauntlets.  The are coming along nicely.   Of course, I should be knitting every spare second so I am ready for Christmas but it seems to not be happening.

My mind has been pretty stuck on Thanksgiving for a while.  I am doing Thanksgiving for the first time ever at my house.  Right now it looks like it will just be Princess Ivi and my mom and me but my brother and his kids might come down.  We'll see.  Anyway, I am brainstorming about what I want to cook for Thanksgiving so I can get nice and organized.  I will keep you posted. 

Have a happy Thursday!!!

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