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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Carmex® Healing Lotion and Carmex® Healing Cream- Review and Giveaway

I recently became a member of the Carmex® Blog Squad.  I was really excited by this opportunity because I love Carmex®.  I love the smell and the way it makes my lips feel.  But I learned something new.  Carmex® is now making lotion.  I was recently asked to review two products, the Carmex® Healing Lotion and Carmex® Cream. 

Carmex® Healing Lotion 

Carmex® Healing Lotion is made using a patent pending process that delivers healing and moisturizing without a greasy feel.  Use anywhere skin feels dry.  Daily use will help protect skin and keep dryness away.  Rich healing ingredients, including Aloe and Vitamin E, nourish and moisturize.  Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel; has a light, pleasant scent. 

I was asked to address the following questions which I have done below. 

  • Does it work?    Absolutely.  I have seriously dry skin on my hands due to yarn, washing dishes, and psoriasis, among other things.  This lotion worked so well to keep my hands soft.  I could feel it throughout the day without having to reapply it hundreds of times.  The little spot of psoriasis that I have on my knuckle which was normally bright red looks like normal skin now. 
  • Scent of Product I love the scent.  I am sure some of you are now scared that the lotion smells like their lip products but it doesn't.  I think the scent is subtle and clean smelling.  Not medicine-y and definitely not too overpowering. 
  • The quality & feel of the product  This is very high quality lotion in my opinion.  It is not too thin.  It may be a bit "slippery" feeling but I think it has to do with the way it works for your dry skin.  To me, I don't feels "greasy" but I can definitely tell that I have lotion on. 
  • Thoughts on packaging  I think the packaging is nice.  It is very easy to tell from looking at it that it is a Carmex product and for those of us who love Carmex, it is great.  But it is also great for those people who may not "love" Carmex but are familiar with the brand.
  • The cost  I was not asked to specifically address this point but I wanted to add it in here. As I have previously mentioned, I am a frugal shopper.  I tend to use coupons, shop sales and try to get the best deal.  The cost of the lotion is $5.99 for a 5.5 ounce tube.  Now that may seem high to some but the thing to keep in mind is that a little of this lotion goes a long way.  Both my daughter and I have been using the lotion and it hasn't even made a significant difference to how much is in the bottle.  So because this is a great lotion and it goes so far, I think it is a great bargain. 
The verdict:  I love this lotion.  I have already mentioned to a lot of people in passing that I have been using it and what a difference it makes.  I would definitely continue using it and recommend it to people. 

Carmex®  Healing Cream

Carmex® Healing Cream is made using a patent pending process that delivers concentrated healing and moisturization of your driest, roughest skin.  Use on your driest skin - especially hands, feet, elbows and knees.  9 healing ingredient penetrate and help repair your very dry, rough or cracked skin.  Concentrated - use a small amount.  Absorbs fast for a non-greasy feel; has a light, pleasant scent.

  • Does it work?    Absolutely.  I have been using Carmex® Healing Cream on my hands and feet before bed and I can feel a huge difference.  I have also been making it a point of putting it on my elbows and knees which have large patches of psoriasis on them as well as a palm size patch which is on my forearm.  These patches of psoriasis were very dry, scaly, painful and itchy before I started putting Carmex® Healing Cream on them and now they are much softer, don't itch so bad and are not painful at all.  The redness has also decreased.  I know that Carmex® Healing Cream is not going to "heal" my psoriasis but it is nice to have found something strong enough to soften the scales from my psoriasis and something that makes my day more comfortable. 
  • Scent of Product Carmex® Healing Cream smells just like the Healing Lotion.
  • The quality & feel of the product  This is a very high quality product.  It works so well to help with severely dry skin.  It is the right consistency, not greasy feeling, and again, it is concentrated so a little of this goes a long way.
  • Thoughts on packaging  Again, the package is very distinctive to the Carmex® brand which is great.
  • The cost  The Healing Cream also costs $5.99 but for a 4 ounce tube this time.  However, since this product is concentrated and you only use it on your "driest" skin, I think it is a great bargain because one tube will likely last for a good amount of time.  
The verdict:  This is great stuff!!

As part of Carmex® Blog Squad, I received a wonderful kit filled with all of Carmex's line of product.  The total value of the kit is $52.32 and it contains:

    * Traveling case with two clear pouches.
    * Three lip balms in original, cherry and strawberry.
    * Three lip in original, cherry and strawberry.
    * Two pots of lip     in original and cherry.
    * Three tinted moisturizers in clear, peach and pink.
    * Two lotions, one full size and one travel size.
    * One healing cream.

The most amazing thing is that Carmex® also sent me an extra kit t give away!!!!  Woo-hoo!!

To enter the giveaway, you MUST  follow me through Google Friend Connect and leave a comment telling me you have done so no later than 12:00 p.m. (noon) EST on November 16, 2010.  If you already follow me, you are automatically entered.    

If you are not familiar with Google Friend Connect, to follow me, just click on the "Join this Site" button on the right sidebar.  


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