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Thursday, March 25, 2010

If you want to find me, just follow the skin trail

Alright, I know that sounds really gross but it is a little joke we have around my house. The reason for that joke-psoriasis. I have it. Have had it since I was a teenager. It gets really bad or it is okay but it has never been just “gone” (except for a short period of time right after my daughter was born). Anyway, I flake a lot. I never have to worry about being kidnapped and them not be able to find a DNA sample because there will always be some of me lying around.

Obviously, having psoriasis is not something to joke about. It itches, it bleeds and cracks, and it is incredibly painful. It makes my hair fall out and makes it difficult to shave my legs or wear makeup.

I have been fighting the battle of the flakes for a long time and some stuff works and some stuff doesn’t. Believe me, I have tried creams, gels, sprays, lotions, home remedies, special shampoos and soaps, expensive prescriptions and cheap therapies. Nothing works or it doesn’t work for the long haul which I think is to be expected when dealing with a genetic condition like psoriasis.

This morning on the news there was a feature about Fit in Your Skin. It is a program, approved by the National Psoriasis Foundation, to incorporate healthy eating and exercise into your life in an effort to reduce the effects of psoriasis. Now I am not a believer that diet causes psoriasis because I have tried all sorts of “eating plans”, either adding stuff or eliminating stuff, and my psoriasis doesn’t go away.

With that said, I do recognize that in some cases, the better you take care of yourself, the better you will feel. And I was attracted to the idea that these exercises were made for people who suffer from inflammation due to psoriasis.

So I signed up for. In a few weeks, I will get a free exercise DVD and I will try it and see how it goes. There are some neat tools on the website too.

Fore more info on Fit in Your Skin check out there website:

Fore more info on psoriasis go here:

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