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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Alice in Wonderland Review

Princess Ivi and I saw Alice in Wonderland on Saturday. I know that some people aren't liking it and I can't understand why. We both loved it.

Johnny Depp played a great Hatter. He plays those wacky, zany characters so well. This character reminded me in some places of his character in Edward Scissorhands, especially when the Hatter looks sad and lost.

The hare was funny and I keep finding myself saying "You're late for tea" at odd moments.

Helena Bonham Carter played a hilarious red queen with her big head.

Alan Rickman as Absolem the hooka smoking caterpillar is great. He has an amazing voice and he was just creepy enough to pull it off.

My only complaints were these:
  • The girl who played Alice took some getting used to. I think she was supposed to be as zany as the Hatter, in her own way, but I don't think it worked 100%.
  • The jabberwocky was not as scary as he is in Lewis Carroll's original work.
  • In some places, the dialogue was too quiet and difficult to work through accents and such.

My other complaint had to do with the fact that the two rows of teenagers (well over the age of 16) who were sitting at the back of the theatre were horrendously behaved. They were rude and they talked throughout the movie. It was pretty bad that the little four year old in front of us was better behaved than the teenagers in the back.

All in all, Princess Ivi and I felt that Tim Burton did a great job with Alice and it is on our "must buy on DVD" list to add to our collection.

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