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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

10 Signs of Spring

10 signs of spring
1. Pollen starts to cover my car everyday.
2. My allergies kick in full force.
3. The redbud trees turn purplish-red.
4. The dogwoods and magnolias start to have little white buds appearing.
5. Our landscapers start coming back to the office park where I work.
6. Walmart, Target and other retailers start putting their summer clothes out. (Which I never understood. I mean, who wants to buy a bathing suit in March?)
7. Purple shrouded crosses start appearing at all the churches.
8. Controlled burns start popping up all over the place as the Forestry Department tries to lessen the risk of forest fires before the dry season.
9. The heat gets turned off at work.
10. I have to start sleeping with my ceiling fan because it gets a little bit too stuffy without any a/c running.

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