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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Too Much to Do

To Buy

  1. Princess Ivi's Gifts
  2. Isaac's gift (which needs to be mailed 12/18)
  3. Gifts for nephews and niece (I am thinking the first few Harry Potter movies for the boys and a Joann's gift card for Emily since she likes to sew and needs fabric and notions)
  4. Baking supplies
  5. 10 Dollar Swap items to be shipped no later than 12/20
  6. Carry-on size bag for Princess Ivi
  7. Messenger style bag (or something like it) for me that can hold personal items (phone, wallet, etc.) plus ample knitting materials for plane trip and layovers Don't need because Princess Ivi is going to let me use one of hers.
  8. Gift for Princess Ivi’s dad(??)
  9. Stocking Stuffers
  10. Gift for Mom

To Bake

  1. Cookies for Baking GALS (to be shipped no later than 12/16)
  2. Cookies (for mailing to sister on or about 12/18)
  3. Goodies (like Christmas mice, peanut butter chip brittle and possible Nigella Lawson’s Hokey Pokey) for mailing on or about 12/18

To Knit

  1. Surprise project for Princess Ivi
  2. Stick shift cover, ice scraper mitt and steering wheel cover for Rob all in Gator orange and blue.
  3. Hello New York Scarf Easy Ribbed Scarf for Pat using Grampian DK (purple)
  4. Hat for Barry using Jiffy (black)
  5. Wise Owl for Emi
  6. Spiders for Will and Jake

To Assemble

  1. Two pairs of wristers
  2. Two surprise gifts for Princess Ivi

To Visit

  1. Princess Ivi's dad for Christmas
  2. Brother's family prior to Christmas day

To Wrap

  1. All presents

To Stuff

  1. Two Stockings (mom's and Princess Ivi's)

To Do

  1. Ship package to sister on or around 12/18
  2. Charge and load ipods before Christmas
  3. Charge batteries for camera
  4. Pack for trip to sister's house (leaving Jacksonville at 11:50 a.m. on 12/25) -of course this includes making sure there are sufficient clean clothes for said trip as well as pulling out our cold weather gear (which thankfully isn’t too far in the closet)

This seems so overwhelming especially when I consider that I have one pay check between now and Christmas (I am not counting the check I will receive on Christmas Eve). Thankfully Princess Ivi is out of school starting on the 21st and she is really good about helping with laundry and stuff. She will also make sure she has what she needs to keep herself occupied on the plane.

Judging from this list, my life will be very crazy for the next few weeks.

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