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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

10 Great Things About the Holidays

1. Hanging out with family...especially this year since we are traveling to Massachusetts to see my sister and her family.
2. Yummy treats like Helensburg Toffee, peanut butter fudge, peanut brittle and oodles of cookies.
3. Wrapping paper. I love wrapping paper at the holidays and I have to try very hard every year not to buy more since I always have leftover rolls from the year before.
4. Giving knitted gifts that are appreciated.
5. My daughter's face when she opens her gifts and sees the things she asked for.
6. Playing Santa. I love staying up late and filling stockings and hiding presents under the tree.
7. Remembering the true reason we celebrate Christmas.
8. Advent calendars.
9. Seeing the Salvation Army bell-ringers.
10. Seeing my daughter's generosity to those less fortunate grow each year.

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