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Monday, December 21, 2009

Best Laid Plans

I had the best intentions of getting all of Christmas knitting and baking done this weekend. That didn’t happen though.

As for the knitting, I am close. I have to finish the Grumpasaurus that I started on Friday. I have to knit the feet and the comb and put him together. I also have to knit a beak for the Wise Owl.

As for baking, I mistakenly put it off until Sunday and now I regret it since I woke up Sunday and couldn’t swallow, had a fever, runny nose and was coughing. I did do the following with lots of help from Princess Ivi:

Double batch of the peanut butter rollout cookies (which included making the dough, slicing it and baking them);
Helensburgh Toffee;
Dough for the Mexican Wedding Cookies (it is in the fridge);
Iron Skillet Butter Garlic Rolls; and
Yummy Italian sausage and white bean soup.

I hope to bake the Mexican Wedding Cookies tonight along with making the peanut butter fudge. Tomorrow night, I will make the Chocolate Sugar Drop Cookies.

I had also planned on photographing all of this but since I felt bad, that didn’t happen either.

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