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Tuesday, December 15, 2009

100th Post for 2009

This is my 100th post. I feel like I should post something deep and meaningful but I don't think I can pull it off.

Facebook - Love it or hate it?

I will say this, I love Facebook. I love the fact that I can reconnect with old friends who I have lost touch with because let's face it, when you are 15 and move 1,500 miles away, you don't think too much about keeping in touch with those people who you love. It is only as we get older and think of those people and wonder about those people and miss them that we wish we could go back and write more, call more, visit more. Granted Facebook can't go back in time so you know that person's whole story but it connects you and makes it possible to ask for the whole story, if you want.

I am a winner...
I was contacted by Tammy at Mom Knows Everything because I won her Pulse Yoga DVD Giveaway. How cool is that?

Christmas...Ready or not, here it comes!
I went to Walmart to pick up Christmas Ivi's gifts last night after work. I hate Walmart at Christmas. It is always crazy. Too many people and of course, there are always those shoppers who stop in the middle of the aisle, not leaving enough room to go around them, and take forever to do anything. Or those people who visit with others in the middle of the aisle instead of moving over a little bit to let others pass.

But I had a semi-successful trip. One of the things she asked for was there and the other was not (but I was able to order it for ship-to-store this morning) and I was able to pick up some stocking stuffers as well as some wrapping supplies.

I still need to pick something up for my nephew in Massachusetts. I am going to do that on my way home.

As for my brother's kids, I have a slight dilemma. I am not sure we are getting a Christmas bonus this year and without that, I don't have any more money so that means I have to knit stuff for them. Considering the fact that there are 10 knitting days (counting today) and I have to work 7 of those days and can't be knitting then, I am starting to worry.

I am working on a pair of Alice Wristwarmers for my neice that are neon green and white striped. They look very Dr. Seussy - how is that for a non-word?

As for my nephews, I am stuck. Will is very smart, loves books, science, science fiction, puzzles, etc. I am not sure what to knit for him. Jacob is very smart, loves Lord of the Rings, action figures, Star Wars, etc. I am thinking of a sword belt, a crown and a ring. Then he can be Strider from LOR and have his crown for when he is made king. I would just need to pick up a plastic sword for him.

I feel bad that I can't do more for them especially because my brother is currently out of work and won't be able to do much for them either.

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