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Tuesday, December 30, 2008

I am so bad at titles

I hate it when things don’t turn out as expected. But I have long since learned to persevere.

I also seriously dislike it when someone signs up for something with no follow through. Then as the organizer of said event, I am harangued by upset people as if I have any control over the situation myself. Oh well. I can only do what I can do and I have already done all that. But enough about that....

Yesterday, I received some interesting news from the senior partner here. According to him, we are required to bill two (2) hours per day. This is a difficult task in that we don’t have a lot of cases that actually have work to be done. But I will do my best. One worry is that the senior partner also had a talk with my boss and informed him that he was not billing enough. I have been concerned that this would happen and the powers that be would decide that there was not enough revenue to support an additional paralegal (me). So to be on the safe side, I have started perusing the job postings for the area and will polish up my resume to send out to anything promising.

I love my sister. She is amazing. She always has the best ideas for being thrifty. Plus she has great cooking skills.

Well, she has offered to mail her computer (tower, keyboard, speakers, etc.) to us so we can have a home computer. All we would need to do is buy a monitor although if it costs less to ship the monitor than it will to buy a new one than we will go that way. I am looking forward to being able to email her from home when I think of something to tell her instead of trying to make a list and remember to mention it when I email from work. I always seem to forget something.

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