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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Shopping, griping and saving

“The odds of going to the store for a loaf of bread and coming out with only a loaf of bread are three billion to one.” - Erma Bombeck

This quote sounds like me last night.  We went to the store for mozzarella cheese and came out with cheese, ice cream, kool-aid and sugar. 

We watched The Last Song last night.  I was disappointed because they left out some really important parts of the book that really showed why Ronnie was such a witch to her dad in the beginning.  I think those things were important because it evidences the whole forgiveness thing better.  I also had a hard time watching it because Myley Cyrus is such a horrible actress that she ruined the entire movie. (Especially when she opened her mouth-either singing or speaking.)  Actually, other than Kate Vernon who played Will’s mom (which made me think of Battlestar Galactica) and Greg Kinnear (who played Ronnie’s dad), the cast was filled with bad to mediocre actors.  Although, Bobby Coleman (who played Ronnie’s brother and also starred in Martian Child) did a good job. 

I hate it when they wreck a good book by making it into a movie.  Take Half Blood Prince.  They burnt down the burrow.  How can the final wedding take place at the burrow if they just burnt it down? 

Sorry this is obviously a pet peeve of mine.

Princess Ivi decided to try Proactiv.  We ordered it last night from ShopatHome (with 80% back and a $5 new account).  She is going to follow all the instructions and test it for a month and see how it does.  If it works, it will be great.

We also ordered a KleanKanteen for her lunch box.  I hope it comes soon but I doubt it will be here by Tuesday which is the first day of school.  I ordered the Kanteen itself from REI through ebates (with 3% back) but I ordered the loop caps from Klean Kanteen since the ones at REI only come with a sport cap which is not designed to prevent leaks.  I figure that would not be good for a lunch bag.  I ordered her bottle in Prevention Purple.  I also went ahead and ordered one for me (Active Pink) and am hopeful that will help me drink more water during the day. 

Tonight’s agenda consists of:

  • Mowing the front lawn (the side of the fence near the mailbox) since both neighbors mowed their lawns and now mine looks silly. 
  • Finish making my lists and organizing my coupons for specific stores for Saturday’s shopping.  (I am going to really track our spending and saving with my new coupon plan to see how we do.) 
  • Hunt through the house to find an overdue library book since the library won’t let me pick up the book they are holding for me until I bring this one back.  I have no idea where it is so this could take a while.  I will succeed though because I want this new book (Turning Oppression into Opportunity). 

Oh, and did I mention that I am putting my yard sale off for two weeks?

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Kim said...

We love KleenKanteens!