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Monday, February 8, 2010

I Knew It Was Too Good To Last

My facebook status this morning said that I was feeling surprisingly good for a Monday and that I was going to take advantage of that feeling while I could because I know it won't last.

I was right.

This morning Princess Ivi's doctor called to talk about her MRI results. She had an MRI done last Monday for some right shoulder pain she has been having since a soccer injury in 2008. Her MRI looks good and her shoulder is physically okay. The interesting thing is that she had x-rays done too and those show that her first right rib has an old non-healing break. The doctor who read the report and Princess Ivi's doctor both think this injury probably occurred when she was born and scrunching her shoulders to go through the birth canal. The doctor suspects that since her bones were more flexible then and the nerve endings hadn't fully formed that she didn't experience any pain until now since she is older and uses her arm more. Unfortunately, since it is a rib fracture, there is not much we can do for the pain except ice and ibuprofen and time. We go back for new x-rays in two to three months and if it hasn't healed then we will go to the orthopedist to see if there is some underlying problem with the bones and to see what they suggest we do.

I went out at lunch to mail swap packages. The trip was great considering there were no lines at the post office (for a change of pace). I then popped in to Hank's Yarn and Fiber to pick up a surprise for another swap I am doing. I then returned to my office and was cruising along through my day until I got a telephone call from the principal at Princess Ivi's school.

It seems that Princess Ivi has had two referrals within days of each other for inappropriate displays of affection at school (with her boyfriend). Of course, I am very frustrated because I had the same discussion with her on Saturday when we went (with her boyfriend) to the Renaissance Festival. Grrrr!!!! The principal has moved her lunch to limit the time they have together but it is very frustrating. It is like talking to wall sometimes.

And of course, I get to decide on the appropriate punishment for this which will make me the bad mother in her eyes.

I miss the days when she disliked boys and thought they were gross. I want them back. I won't get them back though so I have to figure out how to get through to her.


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