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Monday, September 8, 2008


This is my post from September 8 that I inadvertently forgot to post....

I love it when something amazing happens. Here is the story…there is a local Ale House and I am signed up for their newsletter. Well, I received a notice that it was Brian’s birthday. So being curious (aka nosy) I went to the site and looked and Brian was a year younger than me in high school. He and my best friend used to sing together. I thought it was pretty interesting and then I noticed that Brian had a myspace page. When I checked out his page, I noticed a picture of my best friend (we lost touch after I moved) so I sent a message.

Some things that do irritate me are bosses who blow off meetings with you and then get pissy when things don’t go their way.

Tomorrow is Princess Sunshine’s birthday. It makes us all very sad that her birthday is coming and we can’t see her. Hopefully, that will change next year and we will be able to see more of her.

As for knitting, I started Hococo the lemur ( as a Christmas gift but I put it down because it was frustrating me because of all of those little pieces. I will pick it up in a few days and will then be able to finish up all the little pieces. Then it will just be putting it together. Oh joy.

I started a baby hat on Friday. I am making the Baby Beanie ( for my co-worker’s sister’s baby shower at the end of the month. I will try to make some booties to go with it too.

I am taking the H&R Block Tax Prep class. Tonight is my third class. It seems to be going okay. I find it all so interesting but that is because I am a nerd.

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