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Monday, June 23, 2008

Rain, rain, go away.

So I fixed my sock. (A big thank you to Kelly for her help and to all who replied on sockknitters and for the love of socks!!!) I just finished a backwards row, flipped it right side in, and started knitting clockwise instead of counterclockwise like I had been knitting. It feels so much better to be doing it the right way. It has grown so much too. I should be able to start turning the heel tonight.

By the way, this pattern is the starter stockinette sock from Knit Socks!

This weekend consisted of washing the equivalent of 12 standard washer loads of dirty clothes. Of course, that also meant folding and hanging and lugging the baskets back to the apartment and then putting them all away but we now have clothes to wear which is good for all of us.

I also cleaned the bathroom, baked my mom's cinnamon apple squares, attended the Greek festival where I ate yummy spanakopita, went grocery shopping, and talked to my mom.

Last weekend I baked a batch of blondies with white chocolate chips and they came out perfectly. Yesterday I made a batch with chocolate chips and they were too dry. I think it's because the weather was so different this weekend compared to last weekend.

The only thing different that I did was used chocolate chips instead of white chocolate and I cooked them in two metal cookie sheets instead of the Pampered Chef cookie sheet. Of course, that could have been what made the difference. Well, now I know for next time.

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