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Friday, September 28, 2007


It is finally Friday! I love Fridays. Especially payday Fridays.

Last night was Princess Ivi's open house. I met all of her teachers and was able to see her classrooms. It was nice. We were there for almost 2 hours which was not what I had planned.

When I got home and after dinner, I sat in front of the TV with my other mitten to watch the premieres of Ugly Betty, Grey's Anatomy (while clicking back to CSI), and ER (while clicking back to Without A Trace). I was so disappointed because when one show had commercials the other one did too.

We have a soccer game in Gardner. Gardner was the closest "city" to my hometown so I spent a lot of time there cruising or just walking around (looking for boys). I really hope I don't run into anyone from those days. I am probably protected since I don't look anything like I used to. But I still feel like I should be trying to live down things I did as a kid. I think we all feel like that though.

Well, I should get to work back to the land of divorces and custody battles.

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