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Wednesday, October 3, 2007

Where exactly did my week go? For that matter, where did September go?

Well, it has been a few days since I last posted anything…

Let’s see on Saturday, Princess Ivi had a soccer game. They lost…again. I think the whole team is getting disappointed that they have the record they do. But the team they played on Friday was so tough and they played very dirty. I was very proud of our girls though. They kept on playing and didn’t resort to playing dirty like the other team.

We spent the rest of the weekend just hanging out, knitting, watching movies (Harry Potter), and organizing paperwork.

Today is already Wednesday which is good because I am ready for the weekend already.

Yesterday my sister went to the doctor. They thought she had a bladder prolapse but it was just a large polyp on her cervix. They were able to cut it off and cauterize it. I am very glad that it wasn’t worse.

So Princess Ivi is tossing around the idea of starting a manga/anime club. I think with Fitchburg State College close by, maybe an art student there would help out. I have told her to think about what she would like the club to do and take some notes and then I will help her get it started.

I am still trying to finish up the last mitten. I am about halfway there. I will finish it by this weekend. I have received a request from my sister for a pair too. I had purchased two skeins of Jiffy Thick and Quick for a project specifically for her but couldn’t think of anything to make. Now I will use one skein for the mittens.

My mom got a new job. She works on an exotic bird farm in Florida. The job comes with a house too. The only bad thing is that it is very far away from anything. Her town has a produce stand, one gas station, and a post office. That is it. The closest grocery store is 15 miles away. I am going to try really hard to write to her more often and send her goodies so she won’t be lonely.

While Princess Ivi and I waited for the school bus this morning, we talked about going to the park this weekend to gather rocks and leaves. We will turn the rocks into message rocks and we will iron the leaves with wax paper and do some craft with them.

It is definitely time to start thinking about Christmas… but write now I have to start thinking about getting back to work.

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LinnMarit said...

hey, finally checked out your blog:) nice to hear how things are the way, i used to play football too when i was young! iam 29 and still wish i played!!! go girl!!for your Princess Ivy!
love linn