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Monday, September 10, 2007

Where have I been.....

So it has been a while since I have posted anything. A lot of nothing has been happening.

My sister had a picnic on Labor Day. It was nice. All of her friends have little kids. There was one little girl (younger than 2) who did nothing but cry and whine for four hours straight. About halfway through the day, I wanted to start crying. I have no patience for children who are like that. I think it is because I was so spoiled with my daughter (who has chosen the name Ivi for her cyber name, by the way). She was such a good baby. She didn't cry for no reason, she didn't whine, she didn't throw temper tantrums, she never went through the "terrible two's". Like I said, I was spoiled.

At the picnic, I was sneezing like crazy. I thought it was just allergies but nope, it was a cold. I stayed home from work for two days. Just in time for me to go back to work, Ivi complained of a bad stomach. So on Thursday, I wound up taking her into the office with me for a few hours. I knew she was sick when she took two of my office chairs and stuck them together so she could lay on them and then she slept for three hours.

I was a mean mommy though and I made her go to school on Friday. I did the typical "if you don't go to school, you can't go to soccer practice, and then you can't play in the game on Saturday". But she went and she was fine. She even got a new locker since the first one they assigned wouldn't open (Yeah!!!).

She had her first soccer game on Saturday. They lost but I think every girl should feel proud of themselves. They only had 8 girls (7 on the field since one was goalie) so they had no subs. It was over 90 degrees and it was their first game. They all played as hard as they could given the circumstances. The people who should be ashamed of themselves are the girls who come to practice but don't come to the game for their teammates. We have 13 girls on the team, 3 of whom have never been to a single practice. Two of the girls who come to practice just didn't show up. I think it is rude and hard for the girls who do show up.

When Ivi was complaining that they lost, I pointed out to her that sometimes you can lose the game but as long as you try, you still win.

After the game, it was so hot that we (my sister, her baby, Ivi and I) decided to drive to the knitting shop to be in AC in the car and the store. Actually, this was more mine and my sister's idea and the kids just got dragged along.

So we went to The Woolpack in Littleton. I love this store. The people there are so nice and helpful. They have a big yarn selection. But I didn't buy any yarn. I bought 5 stitch holders (since all of my others are on the other sweater I need to seam together), a Creative Knitting magazine because I loved the sweater on the cover, and some yarn bobbins.

A few months ago, we (same cast as above) took a trip to Northampton for the Scottish Games and we went to WEBS. After seeing the great prices at WEBS, I can't bring myself to buy yarn anywhere else (unless it is simple acrylic). So I am planning a trip back out there in November with a big list of yarns I want.

Saturday night we watched The Last Mimzy. It was payment for a bribe. I had told Ivi that if she read for 45 minutes, I would buy the movie on PPV. It was good but I feel like I need to watch it again so I can piece it all together.

Yesterday was spent grocery shopping and preparing for the week ahead. It was a cold rainy day (which is okay since it is so dry a lot of wells in the area are going dry) so I spent a lot of time knitting and doing soduko puzzles.

And here it is Monday morning and I am back at work. Ughh.

So, I am still working on the sweater for my nephew. It is a Black Sheep pullover with basketweave type patterning on the chest to neck. I am working on the back and am ready to start decreasing for the neck.

At the soccer game and driving to the yarn shop, I worked on a simple acrylic/fun fur scarf.

I feel pretty guilty because I worked on more sodukos than knitting this weekend. I will have to make up for it this week.

Anyway, I have weight watchers tonight. (My goal is to lose 55 pounds. Keep your fingers crossed for me.) Then I have the PTO meeting tomorrow night (I am hoping in a few months to suggest that next year we fundraise for new lockers), soccer Wednesday and Friday and then another game on Saturday.

Well, have a great day everyone.

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