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Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Done with class....

I have finished my H&R Block Tax Course with a 90. I am pleased. I wish I had gotten a bit higher but that is okay.

Now I think I can really get cracking on the packing (I rhymed...LOL). My thought is to section off a piece of the living room that equals the dimensions of the moving truck and stack everything that way. Then I will know that it will all fit in the moving truck.

My car is working again. I am so glad. It was getting very difficult to keep bumming rides off of everyone.

I just finished up Lion Brand's Decorated Christmas Stocking. I am please with how it turned out. I was looking at my Ravelry page and I actually completed a lot of projects this year. I guess I wasn't as much of a slacker as I thought I was.

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