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Wednesday, October 15, 2008


First, I need to say sorry for disappearing so often. My life is so hectic lately and every time I post it is this huge thing that covers months and months.

My most important news is that we have decided to move to Florida. We are moving the beginning of November before winter really hits in Massachusetts.

Why Florida? Because my mom is there, his mom and brother’s family are there and for a man who is an AC/Refrigeration Tech, work is there (almost year round). I have been searching for jobs around the area we are moving to and will spend some time this afternoon working on a few applications/resumes to send out.

I am dreading moving because I hate to pack. I keep looking at all my belongings and wondering if I should just leave them for the next inhabitant of this apartment and start over completely. Of course, I would have to keep my yarn stash.

Princess Ivi is okay about the move but I am sure there is drama to come. It is hard moving when you are 12. I have tried to explain that it is harder to move when she is older but I am not sure if I won that argument or not.

Let’s see, I finished the baby hat, booties and mittens for the baby shower in the previous post but I didn’t give the mittens because they came out too small.

We found out that Ryan’s best friend, Rik and his girlfriend are having a baby boy. So I finished the easiest baby blanket for them and I whipped up a hat too.

I have been slowly plugging away on the shawl. I want to give it to my mother-in-law for Christmas but I am not sure how that will work. It is very boring.

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