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Monday, July 19, 2010

What did you do this weekend?

I did not start my car once after I got home on Friday. Why?

Because my mom drove me!!! Yup, my mom has a car. It is a Kia Sorrento and her bosses bought it for her. Lucky duck. They bought it for her because they want to do some RV traveling and they want her to have a vehicle to do what she needs to do. They are so great.

Anyway, I spent Saturday going through boxes of paperwork and sorted them into filing, recipes, craft project ideas, organizational/household stuff, and knitting patterns. Then, I sorted each into categories to be put away. I even made a pretty good pile of patterns that I will never knit so I am going to be giving some away in a swap.

Saturday evening, mom came over to show me her new car and we had hamburgers, oven fries and homemade remoulade sauce. Yum. Then, we went to the Dollar Store for dog food and peroxide and to Walmart to return a shirt that didn’t fit Princess Ivi.

Saturday night, after Mom went home, Princess Ivi and I watched A Sound of Thunder. This was really good. I expected it to be some cheesy, B movie but it was good.

Sunday morning, Mom picked us up and we went to church where she made a testimonial about how God has made a difference in her life and we all cried.

Sunday afternoon, we went to Gainesville to the library and I picked up some knitting books.

Sunday evening was spent putting paperwork away, eating a tomato sandwich and watching 2012 (which I thought was really good). I love John Cusack and for everyone else who loves him, here is a pic to start your Monday morning off right!!!

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