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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Casting on…

I actually started a knitting project last night.  I started the gauge swatch for Sackboy which I am making for Princess Ivi’s boyfriend.  He is going away to boot camp in the fall so hopefully, I will have it done by then but if not by then, definitely by Christmas.  Have I mentioned how much I hate doing gauge swatches?  I do.  They are boring and time consuming but I guess they are a necessary evil.

It feels strange to be knitting again.  Kind of like renewing a long lost friendship.

I made refrigerator pickles on Sunday.  I already sampled them because I couldn’t wait the two days the recipe called for.  They are good but a bit too salty.  I am hoping that the salt issue is just because it was the bottom of the brine pitcher and that the first container made is not so salty.  Of course, I will still eat them anyway. 

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Anonymous said...

Sorry, you lost me Princess Ivi's bf. How are you dealing with that?