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Thursday, June 17, 2010

I think I need a nap

Princess Ivi and I have been super busy this week.  We are moving to our own place on Saturday (yeah!!!!) so we have been packing like crazy.  I have of course been going to work during the day as well.  Those two things in and of themselves aren’t too bad but what is really keeping us busy is the fact that we are both coaches at our church’s Vacation Bible School.  (We due Mega Sports Camp and I am coaching soccer and Princess Ivi is coaching t-ball.)  Neither one of us can clearly recall volunteering for this but here we are anyway. 

My day normally consists of getting up for work (which has been about 10 minutes later than normal this week), working all day, getting home at 6 to pick up Princess Ivi, going to church until 8:30, going home to pack, showering, and falling into bed by 1:00 a.m. to repeat the whole process all over again. 

To top it off, we both are sneezy and have runny noses.  I am hoping it is just allergies but given the fact that we are spending all this time with germy kids I am worried it might be more. 

As for packing though, we are almost done and, if all goes well, will be finished backing the stuff we have inside mom’s house and loading the light stuff that should not go in an open trailer into my car before Saturday when my brother comes to move us.  My mail is forwarded and my Directv is being set up on Sunday.  I have no idea when my phone is coming but it should be soon. 

We are excited about the move but also excited about sleeping late.  I definitely need more sleep because I am turning into a big grump. 

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