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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

10 Easter Traditions

1.    Sheep cake on coconut grass (green dyed coconut).

2.    Chocolate rabbits.  Mine usually including some kind of peanut butter.

3.    Easter egg hunts which include finding and re-hiding the eggs multiple times until either the children or the parents collapse in exhaustion.

4.    Church.

5.    Plastic eggs.

6.    Big family dinners.

7.    Being teased by my family members with the story of the time I insisted I had seen a 6 foot tall Easter Bunny wearing a straw hat with his ears sticking through and a purple vest and carrying a big Easter basket.  (If you must know, I was NINE at the time and of course, if asked now, I would still insist that I saw the Easter Bunny.)

8.    New Easter duds for church, or just whatever.

9.    Buying the first pair of flop-flops for the season.

10.  Driving to the beach. 

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