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Wednesday, December 17, 2008


I recently read a post on someone’s blog and they mentioned creating a list of knitting related things they want to accomplish in the new year. I am the type of person who makes new year’s resolutions (i.e., exercise more, eat less, stay in touch with friends more, etc.) but each year I find that those things don’t get accomplished.

But I think a list of knitting resolutions may be more doable. So I am brainstorming about what I want to accomplish with my knitting next year.

Here is my list so far:

1. Knit the Free Knitting Pattern Holiday Ornament from Lionbrand for each person on my list.

2. Knit a complete pair of socks for my sister. (Either Cranberry Biscotti or Vivace Socks).

3. Knit a complete pair of socks for my mom including a pair of slipper socks.

4. Finish Isaac’s 2nd sweater before it no longer fits him.

5. Knit at least three projects from my Ravelry queue.

6. Blog about knitting more.

7. Make knitted jewelry (like Bijouterie, Chandelier Earrings,

8. Buy Noro Daria Multi and make the Daria bracelet for gifts.

It is a start.

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