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Saturday, December 13, 2014

Join me in the Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge! #ShelfLove

My bookshelves are overflowing with books that I haven’t read yet and let’s not even discuss my virtual shelves on my Kindle.  To fix that, I am going to participate in the Show Your Shelves Some Love: A No Book Buying Challenge! #ShelfLove. 


    The Guidelines

  • Abstain from spending money on books for one calendar year (or follow a monthly book budget).

  • Gift cards OK,  audible account OK, but no buying extra credits (Rose!!!)

  • Encourage other challenge participants via comments, social media and emails.

  • Participate in the monthly posts. (The link up post will go live on the first of each month and be open for 30 days.)

  • Library books do not count for this challenge. This challenge is mainly for books you already own.

  • Netgalley books can count for this because you have the book, so read it!

    No Book Buying Challenge Step 1: Select your goal

Yellow Belt —-> 1-10 books: shake hands with your shelves

Blue Belt    —->11-20 books: pat your shelves on the back

Green Belt  —->21-30 books: give your shelves a warm friendly hug

Purple Belt —->31-40 books: regular date night with your shelves

Brown Belt —-> 41-50 books: my shelves are now my bff

Black Belt —->51+ books: my shelves and I are going steady

My Spending Goal:  Because we have our local Friends of the Library book sales twice a year, I am not going to kid myself into thinking that I will not buy any books.  Instead, I am going to set a spending goal of $30 to spend on books purchased from the FOTL book sale only.  I will either spend it all in April or October or divide it between the two sales. 

Other than that, I will not purchase any other books this year.   My shelves will be thankful for that.  

My Reading Goal:  I am going to be realistic for 2015 and aim for the Purple Belt.  I usually read a lot of books.  In 2012, I read over 300 books, over 200 in 2013, and over 100 in 2014.  But I am starting school in 2015 so I am setting my goal lower this year.  

To join the challenge check out Chapter Break's site.


Julie S said...

What a great goal! I love that you still want to participate in the library sale. Those are great events :) Looking forward to seeing your monthly posts.

Terri M LeBlanc said...

Welcome aboard, Lennette!

Terri M., the Director
Second Run Reviews

Rose said...

Thanks for joining our challenge! I had to lower my reading goal for 2015 because I am starting school, too.