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Friday, December 16, 2011

Christmas Party Friday's


My favorite part of December is knitting Christmas gifts for the people I know who will love them and use them all the while appreciating the time and effort put into a handmade gift.

The Christmas song I can listen to over and over is Please Come Home for Christmas by the Eagles.  I love them and when they sing that song, it makes me want to go home.  I also love Marshmallow World sung by anyone and That’s What Christmas Means to Me by Stevie Wonder.   

My favorite Christmas gift when I was a child was...

If traveling anywhere in the world were an option I would spend Christmas with the one I love.

Christmas movies are cute but sometimes irritating.  I am not a huge fan of Rudolph, Frosty or the Baby New Year but I will watch White Christmas a hundred times if I could..

My must have Christmas treats include fudge (peanut butter and penuche), cookies (no set kind but some type each year), ribbon candy, and sea foam (although this just started this year).

Decorating for the season looks like tasteful decorations which are mostly mementos that my daughter gave me/made for me.

When it comes to Christmas gifts I prefer to make some by hand to those I know will appreciate them, go overboard for my daughter, and buy one or two gifts that are perfect for each person without spending too much money.

The Christmas season makes me feel stressed because I always want to do more than I can, thankful for my family and friends, sad because my daughter has so few people in her life, and lonely for the one I love.

To me Christmas means family.

My thoughts on Christmas....Christmas when my daughter was small was wonderful but I have to say that I am loving it as she is getting older because I never know how she will use her creativity to make Christmas special in her way.  It is a treat to see what she does each year.

1 comment:

Christy said...

So glad you could join us for Christmas Party Friday.

I so like that you make homemade gifts! :)

White Christmas is one of my favorite movies ever. And my confession... I am not a fan of Rudolph. I don't know's just not a show I want to watch. Eh.

Merry Christmas!