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Friday, March 14, 2008

Too busy to knit

I have been so bad lately. I haven’t been keeping up with this whole blogging thing. And I really haven’t been knitting either.

On my needles right now is 2/3 of the Easiest Baby Blanket. Find it here.

What has occupying my time lately is trips to the dentist for pre-orthodontic work, trips to the doctor for annual checkups, and apartment hunting. And I found one. I am so excited. I am going to sign the lease and pick up the keys today. Yeah!!!

The only downside to moving is packing. I hate packing. It is awful. And even though we haven’t unpacked all of our stuff since moving into my sister’s basement 15 months ago, we still have a lot unpacked.

I figure I will spend the next week packing and cleaning the apartment for move in. We move our stuff in on the 22nd and then we will spend at least 3 weeks getting everything unpacked and set up. Maybe by then I will be able to knit.

Of course, soccer practice starts this week too and we have more checkups scheduled so it will be crazy for a few weeks but I am so looking forward to my own kitchen and bathroom again.

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