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Monday, November 8, 2010

Need to Winterize, New Favorite Show, My Teenage Obsession with Donnie Wahlberg, Cheesecake Factory Review, and Harry Potter Excitement.

Weekend update:
Friday I went to Beall’s Outlet to find something for my niece’s birthday.  I was unsuccessful.  She is 16 and very hard to shop for.  Instead of getting her something that I didn’t think she would like, I am going to get her something when she comes to my house for Thanksgiving weekend.  

After our unsuccessful shopping trip, we went home and watched Blue Bloods.  This is my new favorite show.  
I love Donnie Wahlberg.  (I mean big pink puffy hearts kind of love.)  I have since his New Kids on the Block days.  I used to know everything about his life because I had all of those biography books that listed all the info about the group like birthdays, favorite food and color, astrological sign, etc.  I was an expert when it came to Donnie Wahlberg.  I used to fantasize that he would come to my neck of the woods from Boston (which was about 65 miles east of Boston) and rescue me from my dismal junior high life.  It never happened though. 
Anyway, I really like him in Blue Bloods.  He plays a smart-ass cop which I like but you get to see his tender side when it comes to his wife, kids and family.  
I do worry that this show will be like so many other new shows I get interested in (like Invasion) and they will cancel it after the first season.  

Well, while we were watching TV, it kept getting colder and colder in our house.  This was expected because we have no heat.  I was able to tell that every window we have has drafts too.  I made a pretty extensive list of ideas on how to make it a little better.  I am going to buy the plastic for the windows that essentially shrink wrap the windows.  Then I will fill any drafts around the window frames by caulking them.  I am also going to plastic the back door.  I figure that if we have an emergency and need to get out, we can break through the plastic easily.  I am also going to get two of those tall heaters because they tend to have a more powerful fan and they can be left on longer because the change of fire is decreased.    

Needless to say though, until we get it winterized better, it will be chilly.   

On Saturday, it was so cold when we woke up (it dropped to the thirties), I made cinnamon rolls to warm up the kitchen.  Then I did the dishes while Princess Ivi hung up my clothes.  We had made a deal that she would do the dishes if I bought her a shirt but we renegotiated when she said she would clean my room.  She also picked out what I was going to wear to my niece’s party.  The way she did it was funny too.  She set out eight different outfits, including shoes, and made me try them all on.  

After our chores, we showered, did our hair and makeup and put on our dressy clothes.  We headed to my mom’s house, helped her pick out an outfit and then went to Jacksonville to meet everyone at The Cheesecake Factory for my niece’s 16th birthday party.  It was great to see her all dressed up.  However, I thought the food was really overrated and not as good as I expected it to be.  The vanilla bean cheesecake that I got was alright but I won’t be taking any special trips to go back there.  Another thing that put us off too was the fact that there was a hair in Princess Ivi’s cheesecake.  Yuk!!!

It was after 10:30 p.m. before we left the party and after midnight before we got to my mom’s house.  By the time we got home, it was about 1.  We headed straight inside, let the dog out quickly, put our extra warm pj’s on and went straight to bed.  

Sunday was interesting.  I woke up and when I looked at my clock, I almost had a heart attack because it said it was 2:30 p.m.  What?  Apparently, I “sprung the clock ahead” instead of “falling back”.  Once we got up and had breakfast, we separated clothes and then headed to mom’s to do laundry.  It took us all afternoon to finish our laundry.  It was okay though because we worked on this craft project that I have wanted to make for a while.  Once I have enough of them made, Princess Ivi and mom are going to go to the Farmers Market on Fridays and I will go on Saturdays to sell them.  I may even open an Etsy shop.  I can’t tell you what “them” are yet but I will once they can be revealed to the public.  

Now, I am at work thinking about my yard sale this weekend.  I can’t wait to get rid of the huge pile of stuff in my house.  It will open things up so much when it is gone.  I will also be able to move the dog’s crate further down the hallway which will be further away from the drafty back door.  I am also thinking I will be able to put one of those tall heater things in the hallway which will warm up that end of the house where the bathroom and bedrooms are.  

On a totally separate subject, I am ridiculously excited about the new Harry Potter movie.  I can’t wait.  Of course, I am not crazy enough to go on opening night but I will see it on that weekend.  I am curious to see where they leave off on part one.

Well, have a happy Monday everyone!!! 

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