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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Illegals by Darrell Ankarlo

Before I give my review of this book, I want to make it clear that I normally do not read books like this but I wanted to see what this author’s thoughts were on this subject.  This is not a book I would recommend to anyone.  It is clear that the author believes in Armageddon but in his version, the United States is “overrun” by Mexican illegal immigrants who want to “take back“ the country.  The author often says he is not a racist.  However, given his condescending statements, it is not believable.  The author frequently makes it clear that he feels all Mexicans are just waiting for the opportunity to illegally sneak into the United States.  This clearly shows his racism.  The book is peppered with emotional scenes from both side of the “border”.  However, most scenes lack a true emotional connection and instead feel hollow, like the author is only trying to make you think he cares.  For instance, when the author describes the abject poverty that a family lives with, you cannot feel any true sympathy from the author.  The author also oversimplifies the immigration problem throughout the book.  He would like the reader to believe that the immigration problem is the cause of all of the United State’s problems.  I agree that the immigration issue is a problem but I do not believe the immigration issue is the cause of all of the country’s problems.  For instance, does the United State’s failure to control the Mexican border really have an impact on say, teenage pregnancies?  Or the collapsing economy?  Or the war in Afghanistan?  No.  I am sure immigration has an effect on this issues, but it is not the cause of these issues and it is na├»ve for the author to imply that if the United States controlled its southern border better, none of these problems would exist.  In short, I would not recommend this book to my friends who tend to think like I do on the subject.  But of course, if you want a differing opinion, feel free to take a look at it.    

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