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Tuesday, February 9, 2010

New Blogs to Watch...Er, Read

I just stumbled across some new blogs to watch. Check them out.

Simple Bites
Simple Organic
Simple Kids
Simple Homeschool (I don't homeschool but if this blog is written as well as the others, I am sure it will be great).

and of course,

Simple Mom

These blogs are all a part of Simple Living Media, LLC. Here is some more info about Simple Living Media (taken from their website).

The Simple Living Media Mission: To help people live more simply.

What We Believe:
• People and families can live on and with far less than mainstream cultural norms lead us to believe.

• Debt is not a tool, and instead puts people into needless bondage. Therefore, we believe that everyone should live within or below their means.

• Life is not about consumption, and we can make a difference by wise stewardship of our resources, time, energy, money, and environment.

• We value quality over quantity in all facets of life, from tangible items, to relationships, to aesthetics.

• People are more important than things.

Our Goal
To encourage and equip people with what they need to simply their lives.

Pretty cool, huh?

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